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“We are the primary advocates for a sustainable Midstream Industry focused on enhancing the viability of natural gas and natural gas liquids. We provide local, regional and global forums to develop standards, conduct industry research, educate our workforce and improve operational safety. As advocates, we work with legislators and regulators to promote a safe and viable Midstream Industry.”



North Texas Chapter

GPA Midstream North Texas (NTGPA Midstream) is a Non-Profit Organization committed to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and information regarding the Midstream Industry and provide opportunities for social interaction with others involved in the industry in the local Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  Our current membership consists of 40+ corporate members of all sizes and more than 500 individuals employed by 100+ midstream companies.

GPA Midstream chapter organizations, such as NTGPA Midstream are instrumental in serving the midstream industry through a number of networking and educational events specific to their respective regions. The national chapter of GPA Midstream encourages industry professionals to join and get involved at both the local and national levels for maximum leadership and networking benefits.


With GPA MIDSTREAM - National Chapter

Although GPA Midstream North Texas Chapter is closely affiliated with the National Chapter of GPA Midstream, it is a separate organization. There are five other regional chapters – Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountain, Permian Basin, Appalachian Basin, and Houston. As separate organizations, each regional chapter charges a modest membership fee to cover operating expenses. Thus, membership to the National chapter of GPA Midstream does not include membership to any of the individual regional chapters, and NTGPA Midstream membership is separate from a membership in the National Chapter of GPA Midstream. Annual NTGPA Midstream membership dues range from $40 for an individual membership and $250-$750 for a corporate membership.